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Rhian Kivits

When you understand the themes in your relationships you can finally find closure and grow

Have you ever questioned whether your relationships have a deeper purpose?

Have you ever reflected on previous relationships and noticed that they changed you, catalysed new awareness or created opportunities that were pivotal for your life path?

I believe all relationships impact us and have the capacity to transform us. I also believe this happens for good reason, even when it’s been tough.

The truth is that relationships can be complicated. And we are all unique, which means that the deeper purpose may be different for each individual in a relationship connection.

But when we step back and choose to…

You deserve relationships that add value to your life.

Relating from a space of profound self love may feel like a new concept for many women but it’s one of the keys to finding and nurturing a deep soul-level connection with a partner who will add true value to your life.

So many women I speak to have become used to making the kind of mistakes in love that cost them dear — when this was me, lasting love simply didn’t materialise or the relationships I did manifest ended up feeling uncomfortable or unhappy.

It felt like a big challenge for me to make self love my foundation but…

Finding emotional resilience in love was a journey of pain to power for me.

As an empathic, sensitive character I used to wonder whether I’m just over sensitive to other people’s energy and the environment. I resented my sensitivity and I wished that I could just put a bolder, braver face on.

For years I asked myself how I could become less sensitive, experience less internal reaction and protect myself from feeling so deeply hurt at times. I wanted to switch it all off because it played havoc in my relationships. I even asked myself if I was just too difficult to live with. …

Selfish selflessness is not caring. It’s cruel. Set yourself free.

So many of us empathic, sensitive types notice that we’ve become people-pleasers. But when we reflect we see how we’ve used this strategy to avoid stress, drama or harm in our relationships.

For me it became a strategy to restore security, soothe my fears of loss or abandonment and an excuse to stay in unsafe relationships where I didn’t truly belong.

The curse of the empath-healer

I hear a lot of clients defining themselves as people-pleasers and somehow this notion becomes attached to their sweet, caring nature.

Some even use their core value of spreading love, light and peace as…

What’s warming up in love and life?

Nothing can stop The Wheel Of The Year turning — as we celebrate the arrival of Ostara, the March Equinox, and welcome the gentle warmth of Spring, I’m paying attention to what‘s warming up in my life.

The magic of anticipation

Today my self inquiry has been around the topic of personal responsibility. Am I truly owning my part in this play we call life? If I’m not, how will this impact what manifests?

When we truly take responsibility in our relationships or purpose work, the choices we make about how we engage — our emotional states and our actions — become synchronised with our dreams and desires.

Many of us know and believe that our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are the factors that determine our results. …

Revealing the nature of my highest expression has helped me claim my fullness in love and life

Exalted — a state of extreme happiness or high rank

In Vedic Astrology we refer to a planet as exalted when its position in the natal chart maximises its energy and power. This placement not only reflects our strengths, favourable qualities and areas of passion or purpose, it also suggests how we can best show up in life. It indicates where we’re most energetically supported to create results, find our bliss or celebrate success.

I prefer active participation to the notion of ‘luck’ so let’s think of exaltation as a sovereign self-blessing.

The natal chart is, of course, fixed. In Vedic Astrology it’s based on the exact position of 27…

In this story I share how grounding supports our sensual capacity. I also share 5 simple ways to make sure we stay grounded in our daily lives.

Photo by Francesca Zama from Pexels

When we haven’t mastered our sensual energy our sensitivity is dialled down and it’s almost as if a key element of our capacity to feel is missing. We can feel disconnected, detached or even a little numb and this can impact the way we engage with our feelings, our bodies and our relationships.

To stay sensitive and sensual it’s important to acknowledge and actively work with the gifts our six human senses offer us. Our sensual energy flow opens the door to pleasure, inspiration and vitality.

But there’s one other key thing women can do that really helps us feel…

Rhian Kivits

Rhian is a leading sex and relationship expert with a vast knowledge of psychology, spirituality and energy medicine.

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